A hat on a stage, upside down, a lot of things exploding out of it, mainly confetti and instruments. In the background you can see theater seats.

Open the Arts Festival
5.-7. April 2024

Open arts, open hearts!
Enrich your swing dance experience!

Step into a world of limitless creativity!

Our event brings together inspirational teachers offering classes in Dancing (Modern, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Tap, Blues), Singing, Clowning, Improv Theater and more. Choose the classes that speak to you, and unlock your artistic potential.

It's not just about learning; it's about shared experiences. From meals to parties, practice sessions to presentations, we are a community that wants to celebrate creativity.

Join us to make new connections, put your skills on stage (if you like) and embrace the joy of artistic expression.

Let's openthearts!
Our mission at Open the Arts is simple...

To carve out a welcoming space for individuals like you, who are drawn to the beauty and creativity of swing dancing and its surrounding arts. We believe that learning and enrichment often stems from exploring the unknown. Our festival should serve as a gateway to discovering new facets of yourself through the lens of artistic expression.

Zwei Frauen stehen in einem Tanzsaal und halten sich im Arm und schauen sich dabei an.

In cooperation with Kreisstadt Saarlouis

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